Data Warehousing

Good Business Decisions are Based on Accurate and Comprehensive Information


In every industry across the board, from retail stores to banks, from manufacturing companies to government departments, and from airline giants to utility businesses, data warehousing is transforming the way people perform business analysis and make strategic decisions.

IT Departments of companies across these industries have always tried to provide ways to organize company information for the key personnel to take informed strategic decisions. Sometimes adhoc information can be generated from single reports. But majority of the data comes from multiple systems, requiring the writing of extract programs to create intermediary files that could be used to produce reports.

But many of them fail to meet these objectives for many reasons, such as multiple legacy reporting systems and complex spreadsheets or a failure to properly implement new reporting tools.


HexCube has extensive experience in providing cutting edge Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services to clients on a global platform. Today organizations are turning to the vast pools of corporate information residing in their collective networks to unlock key trends and make better decisions.

Our DW/BI services ensure the availability of business-critical information. It makes a clear path to competitive advantage and allowing customers to substantially enhance their services and bottom-line profitability.

We deliver end to end Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Services from requirement definition through development, deployment, and post-implementation support. We choose the appropriate tools, implement the right solutions, and ensure that clients successfully unlock the value hidden in the data.

Our wide range of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services are:

Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing Consulting Services
  • Study of existing Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Technology / tools evaluation and recommendation
  • Roadmap for re-architecture/ re-engineering services
Data Warehousing Services
  • Database management and performance tuning
  • Data modeling; data extraction, transformation and loading
  • Data Merging, Migration and implementation
  • ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) and DTS (Data Transformation Services)
  • ETL architecture and development
  • Development, Testing, and Deployment
Reporting & Analysis Services
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Management Scorecards / Portal analysis and architecture
  • Online Analytical Processing Reporting / OLAP Solutions
  • Data Mining
  • Report Migration
  • BI reporting on ERP Packages (SAP, Baan, etc.)
  • Customized reporting and analytics
Application Management
  • Monitoring and Enhancements
  • Dedicated Offshore Development Center
  • 24/7 Production Support