HexCube Raziil MMS

Raziil is a cloud based platform specifically developed to serve the need of supplementary schools.

Our focus is to provide a comprehensive platform that would assist Maktabs in providing seamless and enhanced service to the end users (Students and Parents). We achieve this through this product which is a cloud based system that would enable Makhatib to record, manage and report all key parametric measures from registration of pupils to graduation.

This system also reduces human effort and provides tangible results with structured benefits management by identifying key areas of improvement.

Furthermore, Raziil also assist Maktab Management to be compliant with Statutory Requirements providing peace of mind to the Management.

The user interface has been developed ensuring that it serves the varied technology able users to feel in sync with it immediately.

Another key feature being flexible notification System for quick and easy communication enabling the parents to be involved with the development of their child on daily basis.

For more information about raziil please visit : raziil.com